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Antonin J. J. Pohl

Independent Contractor

My understanding of your wishes:



LANGUAGES: you say:

„Speaking is important to me. I want to get on fast and notice progress.“,

„Best without books and if written, only the most necessary or by personal notes“,

„I'll be happy being able to express myself and being understood when on vacation".


You want:

- to learn a language quickly and without paper,

- to appropriate the language through Ear, Brain and Mouth,

- a good price/performance ratio.


You wish:

- to learn a language in an in advance determined span of time

- to be able to express yourself at the end of the course in the predetermined bounds.


A first meeting will determine your previous experience based on which I will propose an adapted course to you. Your learning objectives generate the learning checkpoints.


TRANSLATIONS: You would like

- the translator to understand the text's background before getting to work.



- to be heard and to be taken seriously when negotiating about Training & Professional Development in

  order to find the "missing puzzle pieces",

- the Freelance to bring you to your goals,

- the Coaching to consider and unite the consumers, participants and customers' views and opinions

  leading to a new WIN-WIN situation,

- Social Matters to be heard and to be taken seriously,

- aim leading solutions to your Business Questions.


TRAVEL COMPANION: You would like:

- to undertake a trip allowing you to make your first débuts in the language you learnt,

- to make a trip and wish to have a language companion,

- go on a trip but do not have time to organize it and may wish to have a travel companion,

- visit family or grandchildren and wish to be accompanied during your trip,

- to sign up to one of the suggested trips.


I will consider your wishes and accompany you to your goal. Thank you for your confidence.


Antonin J. J. Pohl                                     


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