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You wish to:

- learn English,

- improve your knowledge of English,

- be able to communicate on your own on your future trips,

- consolidate and deepen your today's knowledge of English,

- go on a trip with a guide or travel companion,

- or something else,

my products will accompany you to your goal.


Français as Foreign Language

- puts you to a lot of trouble.

- you would like to regain your knowledge of French.

- you are planing vacation or a longer stay in a French speaking country and would

  like to communicate independently.

- you have other reasons for wanting to learn French,

together we will attain your goal.

Deutsch as Foreign Language

is heavy on you. I help you to eliminate stumbling blocks enabling you to get to like the German language and be able to communicate in it.


You would kike to be able to express yourself in and understand Swiss-German? I will get you there.

I apply my many years of teaching experience of the English language to both French and German as foreign languages and to Swiss-German.



„Education is what remains,

once we forgot everything we learned.“

(Georg Kerschensteiner)

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